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Small oranges.. Easy and simple to make... It can be used as keychain or children toys...

sc: single crochet    
ch: chain
inc : increase
dec: decrease
F/O: Fasten off

2 mm crochet hook
Yarn (green, brown, orange)
Needle for sewing

Note: work in continuous round.

use orange yarn
R1: ch 2, starting from second chain from hook 6 sc
R2: inc, rep 6x (12)
R3: sc, inc, rep 6x (18)
R4: sc, inc, [2sc, inc = rep 5x], sc (24)
R5: 3sc, inc, rep 6x (30)
R6: 2 sc, inc, [4 sc, inc = rep 5x], 2 sc (36)
R7-12: sc around
R13: 4sc, dec, rep 6x (30)
R14: sc, dec, [3sc, dec = rep 5x], 2 sc (24)
R15: 2sc, dec, rep 6x (18)
Stuff the head
R16: dec, sc, rep 6x (12)
Add more stuff
R17: dec, rep 4x
F/O, leave long tail. Sew the hole until it close completely. Pierce the needle to the beginning chain of R1 where you started, then pierce again to a stitch of R2, pull the yarn hard to bottom of orange. Do this step two or three more so the top of orange will get inside.

Use green
R1: ch 2, starting from second chain from hook 4 sc
R2: sc, inc, rep 2x (6)
R3: sc, inc, rep 3x (9)
R4: 2 sc, inc, rep 3x (12)
R5-6: sc around
R7: sc, dec, rep 3x (9)
R8: sc, dec, rep 3x (6)
R9: sc around
F/O leaving a long tail for sewing

Use dark brown
R1: ch 2, starting from second chain from hook 5 sc
R2-6: sc around
Stuff if needed
F/O leaving a long tail for sewing

Sew to stem on the top of orange.
Sew the leaf to the stem.

This pattern is belong to Amigurumi Kitchen / Zan Merry. Please do not claim this pattern as your own. If you wish to share this pattern, you may link this pattern but please do not reprint it to your site. You may keep a copy of this pattern for personal use but you may not sell this pattern. You can sell the items that you made from this pattern.

Please leave comment if you have a question or find any mistake in my pattern. I will do the corrections and answer your question as soon as possible. Don't forget to follow my Instagram @zancrochet for getting  the information about my new pattern.


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